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The directors of Ideology have been involved in a range of tourism planning, development and training projects over a long period of time. Central to our approach to working with clients is liaising with closely them throughout the project so that they are constantly informed of progress, issues and outcomes. It is our aim for clients to be fully satisfied with the service they receive on projects undertaken by us so we aim to deliver exceptional service through professional expertise, experience and cooperation.

Some projects that we have been involved in are:

Queensland Ecotourism Plan, Australia

Client: Department of Tourism, Small Business and Industry, Queensland

Project Cover - Queensland Ecotourism Plan, AustraliaThe Queensland Ecotourism Plan set the vision and direction for Australia’s leading state in natural area tourism development. The plan provided a strategic overview of the market and development opportunities, established the vision, principles and key objectives, then clearly set out the actions to be undertaken to develop a successful ecotourism industry. The plan has since been updated a number of times over recent years building on the successful first plan.

Sustainable Tourism Plan for the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Australia

Client: Department of Fisheries, Western Australia

Project Cover - Sustainable Tourism Plan for the Hotman Abrolhos Islands, AustraliaThe Abrolhos Islands Sustainable Tourism Plan set the direction for commencing appropriate tourism development for the southern most living coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. The islands are a major commercial rock lobster fishing ground but its outstanding natural and cultural features are attracting the interests of tourists. The resultant plan charts a way forward for commercial tourism development which is consistent with the region’s environmental and community values.

Oman Tourism: Recommendations for Sustainable Future Development

Client: Ministry of Tourism, Sultanate of Oman

The Oman Tourism Report reviews existing and proposed tourism developments in the Sultanate of Oman. These include projects on integrated resort developments, cultural tourism, ecotourism, geotourism and heritage tourism.

It recommends the establishment of a national environmental tourism plan, the introduction of ecotourism and ecoguide accreditation programs, the development of a village tourism pilot project, the establishment of geoparks, and the development of a cruise tourism strategy. The report charts a way forward for sustainable tourism development which is consistent with the country’s cultural, heritage and environmental values.

Social Impact Study of the Western Desert Rudall River Region, Australia

Client: Department of Premier and Cabinet, Government of Western Australia

The Western Desert Region in Western Australia is one of the world’s remote regions. Sparsely inhabited by Aboriginal people the area contains lucrative mineral deposits, the last great overland outback route (which attracts recreational 4WD enthusiasts), and the location of the Rudall River National Park, one of the largest national parks in the world.

This report examines the interests of the region from the point of view of its stakeholders and then sets out a range of specific recommendations for its future ownership and management.

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