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Ideology has contributed to many industry and research reports. Some examples include:

Tourism and the Kimberley Coastal Waterways: Environmental and cultural aspects of expedition cruising

Report Cover - Kimberley Tourism ReportScherrer, P., Smith, A. & Dowling, R.K. (2008) STCRC Press, Gold Coast, Australia

What is Environmentally Friendly Tourism About?

Report Cover - Environmentally Friendly TourismIn: M. Richtzenhain ed. (2008) Towards Environmentally Friendly Tourism in Arabian Biosphere Reserves. UNESCO, Doha, Qatar

The Western Australian Wine Tourism Strategy

Report Cover - Wine Tourism StrategyDowling, R.K., Carlsen, J., Charters, S. Ali-Knight, J. & Getz, D. (1999) WA Tourism Commission, Perth, Australia

Case Study: An Environmentally Based Tourism Development Planning Framework

In ENVIREG: Commission of the European Communities (1994) Economic Development and Environmental Protection in Coastal Areas: A Guide to Good Practice; 28. AMBER, ECOTEC Research & Consulting Ltd, Brussels, Belgium

The Gascoyne Environment: A Regional Description of the Natural and Cultural Environment

Dowling, R.K. (1991) Environmental Science, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

Environmental Education: A Response to the Ministerial Committee to Review the Curriculum for Schools

Dowling, R.K. ed. (1979) Canterbury Environment Centre Publication, Christchurch, New Zealand

Upper Clutha Valley: Environmental Impact Report Audit

Brunt, A.J. & Dowling, R.K. (1975) Ministry for the Environment, Wellington, New Zealand

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